Life in military camp

Life in the camp. Military encampments were autonomous units, by securing their supplies of food, water, building materials and timber. They secured safety and services to their inhabitants.

Diverse military services were distributed among soldiers every day. Some units guarded gates and walls , some maintained warehouses, some guarded the borders, repaired roads or crafted already mentioned building materials. Essential activity of Roman soldiers was the training. Military drill was performed daily for soldiers to keep in shape for fighting and weapon handling. Need for preparedness on the frontier was constant.

Soldiers performed their training routine twice a day. During the exercises they absolved strength and stamina training activities, weapon handling, battle march in full kit and performed simulated battles. During the march they were often tasked with assembling makeshift camps, so they will be protected well in their forays to the lands of barbaricum beyond frontier lines. They were tasked with simple meal preparations. Foremost oat meal, flat bread, dried ham and fish were staple of field kitchen.

Life of common soldier and all activities that belonged to the military service are interest of people from our association. We are performing training activities to at least partially simulate the routine of roman soldier. Due to lack of time and for sake of not living in military camps on daily basis, activities of our "soldiers" are obviously restricted to leisure time when we try our best to explore the ways soldiers lived and performed in their military ubications daily in times of Roman Empire.