Cohors V Lucensium (Callaecorum). In times of the Roman dominion over right border of Danube, the auxiliary camp of Gerulata(Bratislava-Rusovce) was home to several units of Roman military. First and oldest documented stationed troops was the unit of Fifth cohort of Lucus Augusti, Luco, of present day northern Spain.

Life in the Camp

Life in the camp. Military encampments were autonomous units, by securing their supplies of food, water, building materials and timber. They secured safety and services to their inhabitants.

Leisure and entertainment

Leisure and entertainment. In times when romans were in peace and lived their days in encampments, the need of occupation was the necessity. They brought plethora of board games and betting games from their homeland.

Roman cuisine

There are several misconception about supposed monotonous roman cuisine. Au contraire, the roman cuisine, then as nowadays, was very diverse and rich. Multitude of seasoned dishes, meat and fish, quality wine and big feasts - that was the Roman way of diet and sustenance.